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Port Freight and Logistics Services

A number of port freight and logistics parties are involved in the efficient operation of the port precinct. Their contribution to the industry is undertaking services that facilitate the movement of freight into and out of the port and its facilities. Further details on the various port freight and logistics services available can be obtained from the Sydney Ports Handbook.


Shipping involves the movement of freight to and from port facilities by sea on a vessel. A number of shipping lines visit Sydney Ports' facilities in Sydney Harbour. Shipping Australia Limited is the professional body for this sector.


Pilotage is the service to navigate a vessel into, within or out of port waters. This service is undertaken at Port Botany and Sydney Harbour by Sydney Ports Pilots.

Towage and Lines Services

Towage and lines services support the safe and efficient movement of vessels as they arrive and depart from the port. This service is provided in Sydney Harbour by Svitzer.