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Port Authority of New South Wales plays a vital role in the environmental management of Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay through licensing and tenant dialogue. However, we also believe it is our responsibility to ensure operations are focused on and operating under the key goals of our sustainability policy and our emissions and environmental impacts are minimised.

Green Warriors

An internal working group called Green Warriors was created consisting of a number of staff from across the organisation to tackle the behavioural and physical changes necessary for Port Authority of New South Wales to reduce its footprint. The Green Warriors purpose is to recommend, drive and encourage change to assist Port Authority of New South Wales in becoming a more sustainable organisation. The group has set themselves an overall goal to create a philosophy of sustainability within Port Authority of New South Wales which will support and activate the minimisation of waste generation, energy and water consumption.

Some of the initiatives that the Green Warriors have begun to implement around the office include:

  • purchasing and use of 80% and 100% recycled paper within the offices
  • participating in Earth Hour for the past 3 years
  • Clean Up Australia Day

See more information on our environmental and commmunity projects:

  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Earth Hour
  • Every Drop Counts