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Port Authority of New South Wales manages the navigation, security and operational safety needs for commercial shipping operating in the major New South Wales ports of Sydney Harbour, Port Botany, Newcastle and Port Kermbla and the smaller ports of Yamba and Eden.

We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner to ensure the long term prosperity of our ports. To ensure the achievement of these objectives, we have a range of environmental management policies and procedures.

Our corporate sustainability policy recognises the importance of incorporating our operational, community and environmental needs into our business decisions.


Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 Port Authority of New South Wales is required to hold a number of Environmental Protection Licences in relation to the operation of specific berths. A number of our tenants also hold licenses for scheduled activities at the port.

All environmental protection licenses held under the Act are available via the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW).

Environmental Legislation

Much of the operations and activities undertaken by Port Authority of New South Wales, its tenants and associated industry are associated with environmental licences and state and federal environmental legislation.

Port Authority of New South Wales ensures its operations are conducted within the guidelines of applicable environmental licences and legislation and endeavours to guide its tenants and the port industry to do the same.

Air and Noise Emissions

Port Authority of New South Wales actively supports maximising the use of rail to transport cargo to and from the ports. This is consistent with the NSW Government's Action for Air Policy (EPA, 1998) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the Action for Transport 2010 Integrated Transport Plan (Department of Transport, 1998) to increase rail usage to 25% of total national freight movements.

Marine Pests

Port Authority of New South Wales participates in a marine pests working group to help manage the spread of marine pests within our port environments.