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OPT wharf extension


The OPT wharf extension was the second of the two major projects (along with the OPT Upgrade) undertaken by  Port Authority of New South Wales  to ensure the iconic passenger terminal can meet the evolving needs of the booming cruise industry, including the rising number of larger cruise ships visiting Sydney.  

Because they are longer than the original wharf, these larger ships used special anchors installed in Campbell's Cove as a temporary solution to ensure their safety while berthed.

The cruise ship overhang also restricted ship-to-wharf access, decreasing provedoring capacity as well as access to Campbell's Cove by tall ships, super yachts, water taxis and other smaller vessels.

The OPT wharf extension was designed to upgrade berthing safety and reliability for cruise ships, allow more efficient servicing of these vessels and improve access to Campbell's Cove for other marine traffic while the large ships are in port.

Key features of the project included:

· Extending the north eastern section of the existing wharf by approximately 60 metres

· Constructing a new mooring dolphin (a fixed above-water pile and concrete deck mooring structure that is not connected to shore) within Campbell's Cove to the north of the OPT

· Constructing a new mooring bollard to the south of the OPT.

Key benefits of the project included:

· Additional wharf space to improve the servicing of vessels through increased laydown areas and circulation and allowing use of currently inaccessible ship loading doors

· Increased public open space of approximately 1,000 square metres as the extended wharf would be accessible to the public on non-ship days

· Improve access to Campbell's Cove for all other marine traffic while the big ships are in port

· The opportunity to address maintenance issues with the ageing wharf infrastructure

· Broader benefits linked to improved cruise ship operations and mooring.

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