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Port Safety

Port Authority of New South Wales is committed to providing safe operations. The safety of our staff, the commercial shipping community, our port neighbours, the environment and visitors to our facilities are of paramount importance to us.

Port Authority of New South Wales has a long-standing relationship with all the stakeholder groups involved in the management of the supply chain through Sydney's ports. We brief stakeholders with an interest in the operation of port facilities and outline safety initiatives. Port Authority of New South Wales will continue to update our wider audiences of our safety and security measures.

Recreational users of Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay need to be particularly aware of the water-side restricted zones in place near the port facilities and around commercial ship movements. These zones are in place to ensure that a safe distance is maintained from commercial shipping operations. To read through some simple steps to stay safe near seagoing vessels, download the Steer Clear flyer.

Port Safety Operating Licence (PSOL)

Port Authority of New South Wales has responsibility for the ports of Sydney Harbour and Port Botany, Yamba on the Clarence River, Newcastle, Port Kembla and Eden in the state's far south.

The Authority is charged with fulfilling stringent conditions linking the safety of shipping with the preservation of the marine environment through the execution of its Port Safety Operating Licence (PSOL).

In addition to maintaining safe navigation for commercial shipping and administering the Dangerous Goods Regulations for port areas, Port Authority of New South Wales also has responsibility for emergency response to marine-based incidents and for the clean-up of any environmental spills within its ports and in coastal waters from Fingal Bay, north of Newcastle to Seven Mile Beach, south of Port Kembla.

In response to oil spills, the Authority is also a major contributor to the state and national oil spill response arrangements.

In fulfilling its duties, the Authority works to ensure safe ports for all to enjoy.

The licence is issued by the government, currently for a two year period, and covers all of the State's commercial ports. The current licencee is the Newcastle Port Corporation, trading as Port Authority of New South Wales. 

Port Safety Operating Licence 2016-17 

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

At Port Authority of New South Wales we are committed to the safety of all those who visit or work at the facilities we manage; including our staff, contractors, the community and any other visitors to the ports.

As part of our commitment to employee and stakeholder safety, we undertake site specific, employee and contractor inductions. These inductions promote the safety requirements of Port Authority of New South Wales and the inductees, while also providing an overview of the risk and hazards associated with particular tasks or sites.

Port Authority of New South Wales has a detailed WHS program of activities aimed at ensuring compliance with WHS legislation. The focus of the program is to facilitate a positive safety culture and achieve our corporate safety goal for a safe work place.

For more information on WHS please contact the WHS Manager on +61 2 9296 4664 or +61 2 9296 4999.
To request a password to complete our online inductions please phone +61 2 9296 4653.
Alternatively, email

Dangerous and Hazardous Goods

Port Authority of New South Wales has the responsibility under legislation to control the conditions under which dangerous and hazardous goods are handled or kept in defined port operational areas.

We must be advised of all dangerous goods to be imported or exported by vessel, including transhipments and/or goods transiting the ports.

For more information on dangerous and hazardous goods, current legislation, and the method of notification, visit the dangerous and hazardous goods page on this site. Alternatively contact the Risk and Dangerous Goods Manager on +61 2 9296 4999.