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Dangerous Goods UN Lookup

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Note: Results for Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities are not included here.
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Red Line Permitted Time Periods: 2 Hours and/or 12 Hours

Quick Notes

For more information about dangerous goods management and exemption applications, refer to the Dangerous Goods Management Guidelines document in our Publications section - click here.

General Rule for Red Line Classification    

 1) Must be more than 500kg of product   

 2) Be a certain class of dangerous goods   

 3) Must be a packing Group i

Nominated Red Line Cargo1) Class 5: Ammonium Nitrate
    UN 1942, 2067, 2426 & 3375
2) Class 5: Calcium Hypochlorite
    UN 1748 & UN 2880 UN 3485 & UN 3487
3) Class One & class Seven

Port Authority of New South Wales (SPC) has a responsibility under the legislation to control the conditions under which dangerous goods are handled and/or kept in the defined port operational areas. Port Authority of New South Wales draws on information and advice from the following:

  • Australian Standard 3846 – 2005 "The Handling and Transport of Dangerous Cargoes in Port Areas"

The basic safety precautions applicable to the handling of explosives in port areas are described in "Explosive in Port Areas" (June 2007).

Dangerous Goods are substances and articles that:

  • Satisfy the UN tests and criteria for determining whether they are dangerous goods: or
  • Are listed in the IMDG Code; or
  • Are determined to be dangerous goods by the competent authority.

To facilitate and improve the handling of dangerous good within port areas we are offering users access to a UN Number look up tool to enable rapid and precise identification during transport to ensure the correct handling, stowage, and segregation of goods.

Exemption Application Templates

DP World Exemption Application Form
Patrick Exemption Application Form
Hutchison Exemption Application Form

Note: these Exemption Applications have been supplied by the stevedores.
For instructions on how to use and submit the application go to the Dangerous Goods Guidelines publication.