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Glebe Island and White Bay

View along the White Bay/ Glebe Island common user berths

The Glebe Island / White Bay port precinct is home to Sydney's last remaining deep-water berths, accommodating millions of dollars of dry bulk imports, the growing cruise industry and close to 600 common user berth movements during 2014/15.

Dry bulk
The precinct is the geographic heart of the current construction boom comprising $70 billion of major infrastructure, urban renewal and transport projects within a five kilometre radius of the port.

Projects such as WestConnex, the Second Harbour Rail Crossing, Sydney Metro, Bays Precinct Urban Renewal and Western Harbour Tunnel all will rely on the port for the supply of construction materials and disposal of excavated spoil.

Indeed, it is estimated the port could handle up to 150 million tonnes of construction materials over the next 25 years - the equivalent of 11 million truck movements that otherwise would have to come through suburban and city streets.

The precinct also receives the raw ingredients for much of the food we eat and drinks we consume.

Cruise is the fastest growing sector in the tourist economy, delivering close to $2.5 billion in economic benefit to the state.

Able to accommodate two cruise ships at a time, the multi-award winning White Bay Cruise Terminal is set to play a big part in the industry's growth over coming years and decades.

Passenger numbers through White Bay are forecast by the industry to rise from the current approximately 230,000 to more than 530,000 by 2045, delivering an estimated $22.6 billion in additional expenditure to the State's economy by 2040.

Common user berths
Hosting essential port activities that go largely unnoticed by the general community but which would be greatly missed if they stopped.

Activities such as refuelling the city's ferries, harbour charter vessels and ships; servicing marine construction; hosting the import and export of bulk and bulk liquid cargoes; providing space for emergency and planned ship maintenance and repairs; facilitating major harbour events including the world famous New Year's Eve fireworks and other essential harbour functions all are dependent on Glebe Island and White Bay's common user berths.

In fact these berths accommodated 575 vessel movements during the year, with stays ranging from as little as a few hours up to many weeks.

Vision for the precinct
Importantly, the working port, development and community access aren't mutually exclusive.

Our vision for Glebe Island and White Bay is for their vital, ongoing function as a working port for dry bulk imports, common user berths and cruise to co-exist with any development in and around the area.

The port access projects being proposed by the Authority will be a win for the area's residents and visitors, complement local development and support the Glebe Island /White Bay precinct's historic and still vital role as a working port.