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As working ports hosting both cruise and dry bulk shipping, White Bay and Glebe Island make substantial contributions to the State's economy.

To this end, Port Authority of New South Wales must ensure the ports operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Just as importantly, we are also committed to doing this with the least possible disruption to those who have come to live and work in the neighbouring communities, particularly as ships, their passengers and cargos come and go from the ports and cruise termial.

We do this through a range of initiatives, including regular communication, directly and indirectly with residents, businesses, the council and community lisison groups.

Included in our communications are:

- The cruise schedule

- Notification of changes to the cruise schedule

- Notification of shipboard drills

- Notification of events at the White Bay Cruise Terminal on non-ship days

- Notifications for Glebe Island

- Daily Vessel Movements